Mosaic Luggage Tag Kit

Mosaic Luggage Tag Kit

Mosaic Kits

Product Name : Mosaic Luggage Tag Kit
product code : MK-TG00-000-1-B0009
size : 6.1x8.2 cm
price : ฿150 ฿119

Mosaics Kit Contains
1. Die-cut MDF Board with double side tape – Helps sticking the mosaic easier because the tape is made from high-quality glue
2. Luggage Tag – Faux leather tag which makes it look more beautiful and luxurious.
3. Mosaic - High quality and colorful
4. Grout

It is suitable for bag decoration such as suitcase or shoulder bag. You can also use it as a keychain. In addition, it promotes you to use your free time productively and increase activities to do it together with the family.

Importantly, it can highly enhance children′s skill and develop children’s ability, including their brain and wisdom, for example color and shape remembering. It increases creative thinking and imagination, along with patience and concentration.