Mosaic Pattern Book
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   For thousands of years, people have used mosaic tiles in art and decoration. Today, bright and colorful mosaics in many shapes and sizes can be seen adorning the smallest corners to the largest architectural sites. Through our continual efforts to develop new tools and media of the highest quality and versatility, we have developed Crystaline Mosaics - an avant-garde decorative to allow you to truly follow your imagination.

   Crystaline Mosaics can be used to create imaginative new art pieces as well as architectural decorations. With colors ranging from scorching reds to cool blues to mixed colors and materials, Crystaline mosaics allows you to create art with vibrant colors not less amazing than that of Mother Nature herself. Crystaline Mosaics were designed to help add color to architectural works as well as to fulfill the needs of crafters and decorators who want to add a distinctive touch to their projects with some adult guidance Crystaline Mosaics can also be a wonderful educational toy that stimulates children's imagination from simply decorating picture frames to making their own pieces of art.

   Crystaline Mosaics are made from high quality resin especially formulated for use in craft decorative and interior decoration applications . They are available in a wide variety of materials, colors, sizes and shapes, and are desinged to be versatile in almost any application. Artists who require a specific shade or hue can also easily dye the mosaics .

   Crystaline Mosaics are economical and due to its light weight , can be easily transported. lts durability rivals and even exceeds most other decorative media. Crystaline Mosaics are incredibly easy and straightforward to use and does not require any complex tools. Basic techniques require only double sided tape or glue to adhere the pieces .They can even be cut and shaped with everyday tools such as cutters and sandpaper. Large, complex pieces can done very quickly allowing both the crafter and professional artist time to focus on the design rather than the actual application Crystaline Mosaics - an innovation for a more colorful world.

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